Shaw-Seal Company Limited

Mastic sealing and waterproof membrane specialists
Proud to be one of the leading specialist joint sealant contractors in the United Kingdom both in Hot and Cold sealant applications.

Preferred choice for several airfields across the UK covering all areas of Joint sealing, Crack chasing, Waterproofing, Diamond saw cutting and line marking. Specialists in mastic sealing and waterproof membranes with a combined experience of over 40 years. For more information or feedback please contact us here or call us on 01622 673186.

Joint Sealing
We offer a complete managed solutions to the following specifications

• BS 2499 1993 Type N1
• BS 2499 1993 Type N2
• BS 2499 1993 Type F1
• BS 2499 1993 Type F2

Crack Chasing
Investigation and a complete diagnosis of defective surfaces, followed by skilled repairs.

BS 2499

Diamond saw cutting
Various diamond saw cutting and diamond core drilling undertaken in preparation for effective sealant application.

BS 2499

Line Marking
Professional line marking applied for roads and runways and other specialist requirements. Full design and assessment offered for the complete solution.

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Airport runway joint sealing machinery with qualified personnel

Runway crew at night